Cool Cribs

Cool Cribs

Versatile Solar-Powered Crib Rooms

Make the transition to renewable energy with our solar workspaces and ablutions. These modular buildings are ideal for worksites in remote or unpowered locations. Fully self-contained and air-conditioned, they can be configured to suit unique site needs. Battery storage ensures your donga facility is operational 24/7.


Bringing Your Business Closer to Climate Targets

Australian Made

The Cool Crib, our very own transportable donga is proudly designed and pre-fabricated in our Karratha workshop to help you reduce carbon emissions.

Popular Configurations

Our cribs come in a range of sizes including 6.0 x 3.0m, 9.0m x 3.0m and 12.0m x 3.0m cribs. We also fabricate solutions to measure.

A Cool Refuge

Our air-conditioned crib rooms provide a respite from harsh weather conditions. Leveraging solar power, they are very quiet compared to diesel powered alternatives.


Self-ballasting, our facilities are certified to Region D Cat 2 and equipped to handle severe cyclonic winds.

Clean Powered Day and Night

The 48V battery with 24KW hours storage offers an uninterrupted stream of energy allowing for redundancy at night and during days with limited sunlight.

Rapidly Deployed and Installed

Each unit is meticulously fabricated, and skid mounted with fork pockets for rapid deployment. Once on site, your units up and running in under an hour.


Net Zero Product Range

Mobile Offices

Our Cool Cribs are perfect as mobile offices and site sheds. Furnish to suit your needs. Leverage the 48V battery with 24KW hours storage for an uninterrupted stream of energy, keeping you constantly connected.

Ablution Blocks

Accessing creature comforts in remote and non-serviced locations is made easy with our off-grid amenity blocks. Our transportable facilities come as a toilet block with three male-cubicles, two female-cubicles and one unisex-cubicle.

Lunch Rooms

Our off-grid transportable crib rooms can be turned into a lunchroom, providing your workforce with a refuge to refuel and relax. Transform your worksite into an environmentally friendly haven with our 100% solar-powered, multi-purpose crib rooms.


How is this mobile building delivered?

Our 20ft solar powered dongas are deployed direct from our Karratha manufacturing facility and can be set up in under one hour. No matter the configuration, whether a lunchroom, office workspace or ablution facility, the compact nature of these mobile work spaces means you are up and running faster than any other solution on the market, without the requirement for manpower or fuel.

Flat Bed Truck and Fork Lift Mobilisation

Manufactured with fork lift pockets, our Cool Cribs are easily loaded, moved by road and unloaded with a forklift at site. Our solar powered ablutions require installation of a waste water tank and stairs.

Self Ballasting

Once on site, the mobile workspace or ablution block ballast tanks are filled with water to provide the right loading for cyclone rating Region D Cat 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a solar powered cool crib provide reliable electricity?
100% solar powered cool crib will provide reliable electricity. The 48V battery with 24KW hours storage offers an uninterrupted stream of energy allowing for redundancy at night and during days with limited solar power. During low power source periods, including cloud cover or wet weather, the battery storage system, has enough capacity to operate for up to three days.
Do you provide solar panel cleaning, testing and tagging services?
Yes! We routinely provide cleans, testing and tagging in consultation with the client to optimise their use.
How do you recommend what products are needed to fit out a site?
Our team conducts power use surveys for existing diesel generator fleets. Our baseline survey considers current start up power requirements, demand cycles, power output and fuel usage.
What would a power use survey reveal?
Data from the power use survey would demonstrate comparative CO₂ emissions, capital outlay, maintenance activity and continuity of supply should you change to a green power solution.
Do you transport products internationally?
Yes. We have clients in Thailand, India and Africa. We deliver locally and ship internationally.

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